A painting by Paolo Veronese and a Beautiful red wool dress by Tollío

We fell litterally in love with this rather unknown painting made by Paolo Veronese and representing Cupid disarming Venus.

Paolo Veronese was an Italian Renaissance painter, based in Venice, known for large-format history paintings of religion and mythology, Known as a supreme colorist, his most famous works are elaborate narrative cycles, executed in a dramatic and colorful style, full of majestic architectural settings and glittering pageantry. He has always been appreciated for "the chromatic brilliance of his palette, the splendor and sensibility of his brushwork, the aristocratic elegance of his figures, and the magnificence of his spectacle", but his work has been felt "not to permit expression of the profound, the human, or the sublime", and of the "great trio" he has often been the least appreciated by modern criticism.

Tollío is a dream that originates from a secret passion of an art-loving woman, inspired by Italian paintings, poetry and music. All our clothes are made by carefully selected Italian tailors, who share our same love and passion for Italian art.

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